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Midori crashes

December 01, 2011 — BarryK
I reported earlier that I was unable to compile Webkit, needed for Midori web browser:

Jemimah replied that where it was failing is a utility application that can be removed from the makefile. Yes indeed, I did that, and it compiled. Then I compiled Midori 0.4.2.

At startup, Midori partly loaded the Google home page, then crashed.

Weird, Midori is loading libraries inside /initrd/pup_rw/usr/lib/ -- that is so incredibly weird, as that is definitely not in the library search path. It must be something peculiar that the 'waf' build system does.

Jemimah has also compiled Midori 0.4.2, for Racy 5.2.2: tester so far, reports it crashes.

So much for Midori.


Surfer crashes
Username: BarryK
I also compiled Surfer, another webkit-based browser. As soon as I tried to load a page, crash.

patch for midori
Username: jemimah
"If it crashes immediately, then you might need this patch. (maybe using libicu has other problems, I am using glib). The old patch I made doesn't work with this webkit - you have to comment out the offending code. Not sure why, it looks like it should work. Also you need to make sure to all the stock icons midori wants are included in your icon theme because the version of gtk in racy segfaults when it tries to load stock icons that are not there.

midori browser
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry/jemimah I gave jemimah's Latest midori a test run on the latest Racy, As you guy's/gal's must know I like facebook games, I logged into cafeworld and all the popups worked fine, but when it came to actually loading cafeworld, It did not load, what a shame its a flash app, but youtube did work, go figure. Still not primetime yet, But I think it will be soon. ttuuxxx

stock icons
Username: L18L
"[i]the version of gtk in racy segfaults when it tries to load stock icons that are not there[/i] Same in wary. I have noticed this using yad. [url=]latest ymount[/url]

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