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Slacko 5.3.1

December 13, 2011 — BarryK
Slacko Puppy 5.3, our flagship Puppy, premiered on October 25, 2011:

There are many flavours (builds, editions) of Puppy Linux, but "Flagship" means basically that we recommend this pup as a "first-stop" for newcomers (unless you have older hardware and might want to go for our Wary Puppy, or some particular need that attracts you to one of our other Puppy builds).

Slacko has had a very good reception, but as always there are things that can be improved, and Project Coordinator Mick Amadio has now released Slacko 5.3.1, a minor upgrade and bugfix release.

Here is the release announcement:

Here is the announcement on the Puppy Forum:

Download from here:
Fast mirror in Europe:
Mirror in Australia:

Here is a Forum thread for bug reports and general feedback. Discussion specific to 5.3.1 starts on page 23:

...please report any issues there, also read that thread for further fixes/improvements.


Pupsave problems
Username: bigpup
Good example of improvements needed to how Pupsave works and is made.

Lost Sound
Username: bigpup
"This problem seems to be showing up on the latest versions of Puppy. From Lucid Puppy 5.2.8. Now on Slacko Puppy. Some heavy troubleshooting is being done in the Lucid Puppy 5.2.8 topic of the forum. Starts around page 40. Seems some hope of a fix, on last pages of topic. At best, some ideas that seem to be finding the cause.

Username: cthisbear
"From sage post. " Bingo - you've got the prime slot on DWW this week! Got to be doing something right." Chris.

Flagship and newbies
Username: ICPUG
"Our flagship Puppy does not include either: Control Panel - Radky's one port of call for Puppy configuration Help 101 System I would argue that Newbies need help to be easily accessible and a single point for configuration seems to be for the benefit of all - certainly I know of no dissenter against Radky's tool and lots of calls in the past for this facility. Is there a good reason why these items should not form part of the out of the box experience? The argument that they exist as a PET is OK for the experienced but for newbies, who don't know of their existence, are missing out on fundamental tools to help them. If not - how do they become part of the woof build so that our current flagship and all future flagship Puppies incorporate these basic features.

rox desktop
Username: 01micko
"Why a "control panel"? Sure radky's app is nice enough and his apps are in the PPM, but with a bunch of icons on the desktop why fish through the menu?

wat the hell is this?
Username: me
"what is wrong with you nerds? just give us a DOWNLOAD link. i cant understadn any of this crap. And i wouldnt be surprised if you have chased away hundreds of potential users with this over complicated dross. How can i JUST DOWNLOAD this os please? a one click download would be great its 2012 by the way

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi "me" it took me around 5 seconds to find the link, But I'm a well trained geek not nerd who knows what to look for, lol Geek by night and and construction worker by day. anyways here's your link. ttuuxxx

Geek vs Nerd
Username: ttuuxxx
"a Nerd is guy with greasy hair, combed to one side, who laughs really stupid like, who wears checkered shirts and pen pocket protect with tape on the middle of glasses where his bridge is at. A Geek is a person who has the latest knowledge about Pc's, or is programmer, or in general is very computer savvy. Usually a Geek blends in with the community, where as a Nerd stands out, a geek can have a regular non-I.T job and spend all of his spare time on computers. oH ya a geek likes beer and a lot of the time is good looking, rich, and actually has a wife, hmmmm I'm 2 out of 3 on that one :) ttuuxxx Ps please watch revenge of the nerds part I,II,III. We look and act nothing like that.

Self-Respect 101
Username: Meuser
"I agree with the above post by "me" about easily downloading this software. I'm an average user of computers (I use Windows but I occasionally use my Puppy Linux 5.2.5 live CD) and I just wanted to download the latest version of Puppy Linux. But what a headache. I don't regularly visit the Puppy website or keep up to date with the latest Puppy news. So, just to work out which version of Puppy was right for me and where to download it from I had to go to various pages on the main website (and also Puppy Linux at Wikipedia) and also various pages on this(?) blog and the forum. And then when I finally had enough information to make the right choice and got to the download page, I then had to sort through that weird list of files to download. I'm going to download the slacko-5.3.1-SCSI-MAIN.iso file, but to be honest I'm not entirely sure if this is correct. And I'm thinking to myself, am I on the right download page? I'm not confident in downloading a file with SCSI in its name (isn't that some sort of interface that basically nobody uses these days?) I don't get it. You guys put so much time and effort into your operating system and as a result you produce a wonderful, professional product. And yet you let a lot of your hard work go down the drain because of a website that is confusing and not user friendly. Is that really what you want?

marketing can wait.......
Username: stephen p
"I can see your point of view i just installed it and it was a bit of a niggle to find the right page more problematic was the saving state file not properly working ( format ext3 sd stick ) after that all worked well when selected 0 from state file menu but I have to hit 0 all the time just a few probs to iron out but one of thebest for booting from SD cards!!! keep up the good work!! notebook LENOVO s10-3 2 gig ram ubuntu/windows 7/SLACKO PUPPY yeah!!

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