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b43 firmware loading maybe fixed

January 24, 2012 — BarryK
I don't have the hardware to test, but I might have found the solution.

The problem is that the firmware for the b43 module does not load for the 3.x kernels.

I examined the udev logs that peebee posted:

Running "modinfo b43" told me that this is an 'ssb' device, and it seems that the appropriate kernel uevents are not getting replayed. This gave me the hint. I looked into /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit and found a bug in version comparison -- a test for kernel versions under 2.6.24 is broken for 3.x kernels, causing 'ssb' uevent replay not to occur.

Fixed, Woof commit here:


Can this be tested without a new build?
Username: peebee
Hi Barry It would be great to test this - do I have to wait until somebody creates a new puppy using the new woof or is there something I can change in an existing k3 build like racy5.2.2 or slacko5.3.1.3 ?? Thanks peebee

Tested - it works - b43 is back
Username: peebee
"Hi Barry pemasu created me a .pet from woof and I've tested and it works! Many thanks. Cheers peebee

B43 addressed
Username: GCMartin
"@Barry. There is some on-going effort on B43 [url=][b]here[/b][/url]. Hope this helps

new slacko alpha w/ fix
Username: 01micko
"Well I compiled k3.2.1 (aufs).. (unionfs hasn't been updated in months :|) Grabbed latest woof2 so b43 fix should be ok.. wait and see I guess.

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