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Conia TV 1920x1080 with HDMI

January 08, 2012 — BarryK
Well, I am getting ready for when I buy my first RaspberryPi!

Just before Christmas I purchased this:

My old CRT analog TV has been retired. The poor thing got damaged by lightning and blew the infra-red to the remote control, plus it randomly won't turn on when I push the power button. It is now replaced by this cheeky young fella.

I know that there are cheaper LED TVs available, I saw a 16 inch LED TV recently for AU$88, but I want 1080p HD resolution. The 22 inch Conia is the smallest that does that -- it has 1920x1080 pixels. It also has a DVD player builtin.

So, I am being quite economical, getting the one screen for both TV and computer monitor.

I am still camping, and brought this TV with me. Yes, it runs off 12 volts, draws 60 watts (5 amps). Works great, except that my rabbit-ears antenna doesn't fit too well inside the tent! -- so, it is going back into it's box and back into the car. After all, what kind of holiday is it if I just sit there watching TV? -- might as well be home.

On the subject of the RasPi, one guy has started a series of video tutorials:


TV doesn't work
Username: FeodorF
Dear BarryK, there is something wrong with your 'CONIA-TV'. Just tried: 'Play','Rewind','Rec' and 'Pause' None of those buttons work! Hm.... Enjoy your time out there. Cheers!

As seen on TV
Username: lobster
"TV and monitor and portable. Great. I am waiting for a touch screen version :) The Rpi should be out February As well as my usual crazy projects (Multi dimensional communicator, portable Buddhist shrine) I am sure some incredible Puppy/Rpi hardware projects will emerge . . . maybe a wind turbine controller :-) XO-3 should be out at CES in the next few days. News on Aakash is good. E-ink such as the Kindle not yet matured . . . Part of the Rpi plan is to evolve into a cased, possibly tablet format. Fun times ahead for Puppy and woof2 . . .

outside aerial
Username: scsijon
"I noticed in out local $2 shop last week a camping antennae. It's ends fit over your poletops or rails, leads remind me of the old flat ribbon cable we use to use, has an amp built in, and about 3m of cable to your tv. It was supplied with a small battery box convertor that plugs into the tv. May be worth looking for when next in an appropriate sized town. If you look in your config area, most of the modern digital tv's have a power over antennae setting so you don't have to use an external module and another power point.

Digital-TV switchover
Username: Dewbie
"Barry: Have they done a complete digital-TV switchover in your area yet? (The States did this in 2009; Canada switched in mid-2011.)

re digital tv switchover
Username: BarryK
"Dewbie, No, I think that the analog channels are due to be turned off in 2013, or maybe later.

Username: tv
"Hi Barry most new tv's already have a digital tv built into them, so your new tv should work fine when they switch the analog tv signal off. Have you see the Raspberry Pi Auctions? for charity, wow some are around $5000 ttuuxxx

Me too, but....
Username: Flymo
"Hi Barry, we too are going ARM, and plan to get the R-Pi when released. Already have a couple of super-cheap Tosh AC-100s (tegra 250) that work well. Jumped the gun a bit and bought a Genesi Efika MX (Eu130 post free to VIC). Then we needed an HDMI screen and got a 1080p 24" DGtec TV from for $149, again post free to VIC). All sold out now, it seems. But... The Efika (Ubuntu pre-installed) and this TV (and one other LED TV) will not work out of the box - although the TVs work fine with varii Linux boxen at 720p or 1080p. Think it's display config. I could only get the Efika to display by running up the TV at 720p on another box, getting the Efika running on the family TV at 720p, then switching the HDMI cables toot sweet! Both Linuxes exhibit this behaviour, but the Power Developers Android demo SD Just Works. HDMI implementations can get weird, and don't get me started on TV overscan problems over HDMI! The good news is that the single elderly ARM in the Efika is fine at its rated 720p, boots fast in Bodhi, and is suitably snappy in general use. I'm impressed. Enjoy your Raspberry Pi!

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