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Installing a pkg with symlink-to-directory

January 02, 2012 — BarryK
In the Racy 5.2.2 feedback thread on the Puppy Forum, member Tman reported:

ttuuxxx's gtkhash would not install for me with woof. I later discovered that his pet contains a .config/ folder that is not symlinked while, in recent puppies, that folder is symlinked to the .config/ folder. This is what is causing the breaking of other Right-click options in Rox-Filer. I have been informed, by another forum member that the SendTo folder should not be a symlink. However, woof builds recent pups with this directory-structure.

The offending PET is here:

Yeah, this is a problem. I did solve it in older versions of the Puppy Package Manager, but when I moved to support multiple types of packages, not just PETs, this problem came in.

The 'tar' extraction utility defaults to not following symlinks, which is what I want for files, but not for directories. However, tar has no option to distinguish between treatment of file or directory symlinks, not that I can see anyway.
Consequently, when ttuuxxx's PET is installed, it has a file in /root/.config/ which just gets installed as-is. The pre-existing symlink /root/.config/ is removed.

I have modified /usr/local/petget/ to fix this. It is a bit of a klutzy method of examining the directories after installation and finding if a symlink-to-directory has been overwritten.


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