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JWM 574: '-reload' icons fixed

January 16, 2012 — BarryK
We reported about the icons getting washed-out when "jwm -reload" is executed:

I posted a bug report and after I supplied some snapshots to Joe and found the exact revision where the bug came in (rev. 514), Joe was able to identify the cause, and rev. 574 fixes it.

New PET (75KB):

Woof commit, fixed ppm scripts:


Username: 01micko
There was an issue with JWM where if you changed resolution or rotated your screen with xrandr that the taskbar was left stranded up the screen or off the screen if your res went down, jwm -restart was needed to fix it. I put in a feature request to Joe to get an automatic jwm -restart when screen conditions changed and he did it in 575 and did a bit more with it in 576 and it seems to work fine.

jwm & xrandr
Username: RandomVisitor
"@01micko: "it seems to work fine" -- not necessarily. Please see this bug report:

re jwm,xrandr
Username: RandomVisitor
"It's fixed for good in 579.

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