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Partview rewritten

January 19, 2012 — BarryK
I posted recently about a patch created by Karl Godt for Partview:

That version of Partview is a Perl script, created by Forum member ecube. Ecube contacted me, also unsure what Karl's patch does, and ecube sent an alternative modification. I have applied it and the PET is now ''.

I used ecube's Partview in Wary and Racy, however, Woof does already have /usr/sbin/partview, an Ash script that generates an xpm image and uses gtkdialog. Using ecube's PET replaces that. There were some other guys who also had a go at writing a Partview.

I want to have another look at removing Perl from the base Puppy system, so I have removed ecube's PET from the Wary/Racy package list. I checked the package-lists for some other Woof puplets, they use the internal partview.

I have also rewritten the internal Woof partview, it now generates a nice SVG image. It was technosaurus who got me thinking about this, as he created 'text2xpm' and in the Forum also suggested that it might be easier/simpler/nicer to use SVG to generate bar graphs with text in them. Yes indeed, it is very nice.

Woof commit:


Karl's Patch
Username: 8-bit
Karl is trying to add udf support to Puppy for the reading of udf formatted optical disks. He is progressing and trying to get a udf format optical disk to be automatically recognized and mounted when one clicks on the optical disk icon. The underlying support is in puppy. It just has never been implemented to the extent Karl wants to take it to.

svg is nice
Username: 01micko
"svg is very nice! (I guess you know ;) ) I have made a couple of tray icons (GtkStatusIcons)using svg, they work well. Big thanks to technosaurus! I have also been toying with a splash message prog using svg images (coded in C), it's nice and fast but very raw at the moment. Supports all fonts, that's the big advantage. Still have to work out what libraries are most efficient. I started using gtk but I reckon I can chop that out of it.

minor modification
Username: ecube
"For those who prefer to calculate free space in mounted drives as default, I have modified the new partview script slightly so it may be run in two modes partview => Mounted Drives partview all => All Drives Details can be found at
Username: ecube
" installs a partview version with the same function as the Perl based version (Partview-2.2)

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