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ROX-Filer focus problem still there

January 29, 2012 — BarryK
This problem has been with us for sometime, and I have reported on it in this blog. Recently, a guy (Sourceforge member 'n8o') posted a patch, which raised my hopes and I have just tried it -- it doesn't work.

So, I have posted a description of the problem to the ROX mail list, in the hope that Thomas Leonard, the founder of ROX-Filer, will tackle it. Here is my post:

Probably this email needs attention by Thomas Leonard, thanks.

I originally reported an icon focus problem, that Thomas fixed, see patch from Thomas:

...which did fix the problem, partly. However, even that fix no longer works.

It may be because Puppy Linux has progressed to GTK 2.24.8. Back then, I think we were using GTK 2.18.x or 2.21.x.

Back then, after applying Thomas's patch, I found that there was still a problem, that I reported:

Note, not many ROX-Filer users are reporting this problem, as some binary package maintainers, Debian included I think, also some releases of Puppy Linux, have put in a work-around. If this is put into /etc/profile:


...this does fix it, however, I have had reports that this is a hack that can upset some applications, can even upset ROX-Filer, cause a

I really don't want to have to resort to that hack. This problem has been going on for such a long time, it would be great if it could be
finally fixed.

Sourceforge member 'n80' has recently posted a bug report about this bug, and a patch:

...the patch is for ROX-Filer 2.11. I have tested it, it doesn't work. Perhaps again, it is an issue with GTK 2.24.x.

Barry Kauler


Username: ttuuxxx
Yes since I moved up the gtk2 version in 2.14x rox focus doesn't work properly, maybe contact gtk and report the issue, it could be gtk problem. Also I added gtk3 to 2.14x today :) here's a link, its the first puppy to include it :), still a bit buggy on themes and fonts, but the gtk3 apps compile fine. ttuuxxx

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