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Small 'fido' fixes

January 10, 2012 — BarryK
I fixed a couple of things running Puppy as user 'fido':

It is still broken somewhat. I plan to do a bit more work on it.


Woof parallel downloads
Username: Iguleder1
Barry, I have implemented parallel package downloads in Woof; this is amazingly good. I added this at the beginning of 1download: [code]download_tool="axel" [ -n "$(which aria2c)" ] && download_tool="aria2c -s2"[/code] This code checks whether you have aria2 and drops to Axel in case you don't. Axel is standard in all puppies, so it's a sane fallback. Then, I replaced the PET package download with this: [code]links="" for link in $BIN_URLS; do links="$links $link/${ONEFILE}"; done $download_tool $links[/code] ... and the other distro packages download with this: [code]links="" for link in $BIN_URLS; do links="$links $link/${ONEFILE}"; done $download_tool $all[/code] This speeds everything up and makes 1download much nicer :)

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry I altered the sources for Gftp and added menu icons for pet's, sfs and also added name tags on each of the following icons, deb,pet,sfs now its much easier to recognize them. I also added puppylinux ibiblio to the bookmarks, makes it easier when working with woof. here's the altered sources below is a before and after picture [img][/img]

Tags: woof