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SNS: Profile management

January 07, 2012 — BarryK
Simple Network Setup now has profile management. It was simple enough to do, just a morning's work, but greatly improves usability of SNS.

Each time that you setup a network/Internet connection with SNS, it is saved as a "profile", a one-line entry, in file /etc/simple_network_setup/connections. Anyone with this knowledge, and knowledge of the fields in the profile, could directly edit the 'connections' file, however most users will not be in that situation.

Previously, when SNS is started, the main GUI window doesn't tell you about any existing profiles, and you have to start from scratch.
Now, there is a new frame in the main GUI with basic profile management features. More detail to it could be added later, but for now there is basic connect/disconnect and deletion of invalid profiles. I also added a Help window explaining about profiles.

Woof commit:

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