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Woof fixes

January 26, 2012 — BarryK
Fixes have been submitted by Jemimah, npierce and mavrothal, see commit date 2012-01-25:


kernel-skeleton tar balls
Username: pemasu
/kernel-skeleton/ refers to those conditionally excluded firmware packages, brcm.tar.gz and ath9k_htc.tar.gz....but the firmwares are expanded now. Should the script go now like: [code]ATH9KHTC="`find ./lib/modules -type f -name ath9k_htc.ko`" if [ ! "$ATH9KHTC" ];then rm -f ./lib/modules/all-firmware/ath9k_htc fi[/code]

re kernel-skeleton
Username: BarryK
"pemasu, Thanks, fixed. Will be in next Woof upload.

Once more about tar balls
Username: pemasu
"I know that you noticed the bug in my script example should be rm -rf because they are in folder. I am sure you wouldnt just copy my example...but my conscience didnt let me be in peace if I wont post my mistake and correction.

re -rf
Username: BarryK
"Heh heh, yes, I fixed it correctly :happy:

Username: 01micko
"yeah dumb question and I should know~ does this look right for fossil? yes|fossil||exe>dev TIA Also glade icon is still awol when devx loaded, I think last racy I check had that issue too.

Woof feature request
Username: 01micko
"Barry, I am building 2 versions of slacko with the same kernel version, one configured with pae highmem. Naturally I have patched the way the kernel identifies its' self and packaged with "pae" in the package name accordingly. Can you add support for naming the iso please? .. eg: somepuppy-someversion-SCSI-PAE.iso. Cheers!

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