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'filemnt' bug fix

February 20, 2012 — BarryK
Ah, it is great to see another long-standing bug squashed! With Puppy you can click on a SFS or .2fs or .3fs file to mount it, but if another file with the same basename is already mounted, then you can't mount the second one. That might seem like a "corner case", but it does come up with SFS files sometimes.

Forum member npierce has fixed it:

I applied the patch manually, as the latest /usr/sbin/filmnt has internationalization changes.
Here is the Woof commit:


save files
Username: BarryK
Correction, it is not really a "corner case". If we have many frugal installs of Puppy, we may have many *save.2fs or *save.3fs files of same name.

Tags: woof