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'pup_event_icon_change_flag' path changed

February 13, 2012 — BarryK
This is a post for developers/coders. I have changed the path of file 'pup_event_icon_change_flag' from /tmp to /var/local.

This file is read by /sbin/clean_desk_icons, which in turn is run from /root/.xinitrc when X starts. If the file exists, the desktop drive icons are wiped and redrawn.

There are three files in Woof that write to this file: /usr/sbin/eventmanager, video-wizard and xorgwizard.

I changed the path because /tmp/pup_event_icon_change_flag does not survive a reboot. On the other-hand, /var/local is designated as a directory that Puppy will save.

For any developer who has an app that writes to this file, please make the change -- though of course you can write to both /tmp and /var/local, for compatibility with earlier puppies.

Tags: woof