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February 21, 2012 — BarryK
We get lots of Puppy success stories, but I particularly liked this email that I received recently, from "Beau". I asked his permission to put it on my blog:

I live in south-west Victoria and I'm a keen young computer user. I have been using Puppy for quite a few years now, and may I say how excellent it is!

Anyway, the main purpose of this email was to share with you a little story. I realise you must receive a lot of emails like this, but I'm so appreciative for Puppy that I felt compelled to write to you.

Back in 2008, a severe storm hit our region. Our family's computer (containing many years worth of memories which hadn't been backed up) failed to work afterwards. We feared that all was lost.
Even taking the system into our local Harvey Norman store, we were told that the entire system was corrupt and unless we wanted to spend $20,000 and send the system to a specialist company in Canada, there was no way that we'd get our files back. We decided that there was no chance of us recovering our files and we purchased a new system.

Fast forward to 2011. I received a very old computer from school. They said that it was "stuffed" and that I could do what I wanted with it. So, just to see what would happen, I plugged in the hard drive containing our files. I then made a "live USB" of Puppy (version 4.x, I believe) and booted it up. It recognised the hard drive, so I mounted it expecting to see an error message. How wrong I was. Within seconds I was looking at the contents of the hard drive - pictures of me as a toddler, pictures of my first day of primary school, a picture of my very first piano lesson from more than ten years ago!

I called my parents into the room and to say that they were "happy" would be a gross understatement. They were initially skeptical of Linux but after showing them what was possible with not much at all, they have become converts! And all of this thanks to an old PC, a USB stick and the magic that is Puppy Linux.



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