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Android on the PC

February 04, 2012 — BarryK
This is interesting:

I have never used Android, so don't have any concept of how it's usability stacks up against our usual Linux distros. I don't know how well it will perform with the conventional keyboard/mouse input.

Very interesting though, if it does start to appear on laptops/desktops.


Username: lobster
Try this or better still get a cheap smartphone (I think I have made 3 calls from mine) They are mini self contained computers with wifi The Chinese are creating an Open Source Android and there is another project to do this

porting android to pc
Username: walker
"Porting android to x86 (In the Netherlands (and I think worldwide) tablets are very cheap 100E) having 512 ram and gpu though there needs a lot be tweaked before it is up to the devs wishes. Yet nice to get acquainted with android. And, they seem to get cheaper and cheaper day by day.) I am talking about -cheap- tablets not high standard smartphones.

Android understand clarity
Username: GCMartin
"Android is a OS that has touch screen as its expected primary UI. It is the wave of our OS future as this is where the world (Apple/Microsoft,Sony, Sambsug, Nokia)have bee heading fro several years. Hope this is clear and it helps.

roar-ng and Subito GNU/Linux
Username: Iguleder1
"Barry, I would highly appreciate any comments from you on [url=]this thread. I'd like to hear your opinion about this vision. Thank you!

Amdroid, more.
Username: GCMartin
"These is much to learn aobut Android. [url=][b]Started a Puppy Forum Thread, here[/b]

re roar-ng
Username: BarryK
"Iguleder1, That is extremely interesting, a complete rethink. Right now I have my nose down working on something, but I'll give it a try soon.

Username: lostmypassword
"My girlfriend bought a Craig Netbook (_not_ a tablet) last Nov to use on a trip, and I played with it a bit. It had Android 2.2 installed; I'm told that 3.x is now released. It's hard to critique the software separately from the hardware, but I can say that as user of Lucid-528 on a Dell D410 _Laptop_, I found Android 2.2 on the netbook disappointing and frustrating. The printed manual was way too brief and no way is apparently offered to upgrade to a later Android. I downloaded an Android manual from the net, but found it only mentioned phones, not netbooks (or tablets).

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