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Fixed desktop drive icons redrawing

February 22, 2012 — BarryK
I reported this as number 2 on my to-do list:

The bug was introduced with the internationalization of /sbin/clean_desk_icons. It causes the desktop drive icons to be wiped and then redrawn every time X starts. This imposes an unnecessary workload on the CPU just at a time when it is needed for many other things.

I fixed it, also removed a dependency on a matching language translation:


Username: Sage
...for PM, already replied. Testing to verify partial re-establishing system. Delete this if posted successfully.

Username: Dougal
"Barry, a couple of things that might be relevant to you: - Adobe is discontinuing the Flash plugin for Linux: - CUPS will be dropping some features used in Linux but not on OS-X:

Flash Plugin
Username: Terryphi
"Quote from [i]Adobe will discontinue the availability of direct downloads of the Flash Player for Linux, but says it will continue to provide security updates for the non-Pepper versions of Flash Player 11.2 for Linux for five years after its release.[/i] Hopefully by then everyone will have moved to HTML5 for video.

no desktop image for 5.3.3
Username: dennis gwynn 1
"I have upgraded to puppy 5.3.3 from puppy 5.3.1 and like how both run. I have encountered what may be a bug: the desktop image background and icons do not appear on alternate bootups. This behavior is unique to 5.3.3. The bottom task bar is present so it remains usable for going on the internet. For a screwup proof system, I boot from a CD and save files to an 8 gig memory stick. This computer has 2 gig of ram.

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