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gettext_translator 0.9

February 21, 2012 — BarryK
gettext_translator is another po editor. It uses gtkmm libs, which I compiled statically, so the final 'translator' executable is 2.7MB stripped uncompressed, a trifle on the large size.

I have uploaded the executable, for anyone who would like to play with it (715KB):

I haven't put it into the Wary/Racy 'devx' SFS, as it won't start a po file from the commandline -- that would be a good project for someone!

Compiling it statically with gtkmm was a painful experience, if anyone wants to do it, contact me and I will send you the steps that I went through. I was wise enough to record them.

gettext_translator appears to be a dead project. I got it from here:


Username: BarryK
Just a comment: there is another po editor known as 'gtranslator', that uses GTK libs but also needs 'gconf' -- which leads us on a long trail of Gnome dependencies. Anyone game to hack gtranslator to not need gconf?

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