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MoManager generates 'langpack' PET

February 14, 2012 — BarryK
This is wonderful for the maintainer of a particular language translation for Puppy. MoManager can now create a PET of all relevant translations. I have updated the snapshot to show the new langpack button:

This is very convenient, as the language maintainer just has to send the PET to me and I will upload it to for all Puppy builds to use.


UTF-8 by default?
Username: Terryphi
[i]Slightly off-topic but relevant to the internationalisation of Puppy:[/i] Zigbert has raised in the Forum the issue of why UTF-8 is off by default. Perhaps it is an appropriate time to consider whether UTF-8 should be the default setting?

Russian langpack
Username: rodin.s
"I have added some files to [url=]langpack_ru and it's size now is 1020kB. Maybe it's too much. I have added mo files for applications, locales for Zigbert apps etc. I have also added scripts for automatic setup for ru,us Xkb layouts while installing package. I have tested it on Racy-5225. Only issues I have noticed: pup_event_frontend_d: lines 152, 381 and xmessage (no UTF-8).

re pup_event_frontend_d
Username: BarryK
"Thanks, I fixed those two lines.

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