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MoManager handles .desktop files

February 06, 2012 — BarryK
The first release of MoManager manages gettext'ed scripts, announced earlier:

Now I have added support for creation and editing of .desktop menu files. Woof commit:

But, I need some help. For testing purposes, I have got LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 in /etc/profile. Applications/scripts that have a 'de' .mo file translate ok. However, the JWM menu does not translate. Even though there are some .desktop files with Name[de]= entries, only the English Name= entry is displaying.
Have any of you guys who use non-English locale encountered this problem, and more importantly know the cause?
...I wonder if I have stuffed up the LANG setting in 'fixmenus'?
EDIT: yes, I had a moment of dumbness. MoManager was calling 'fixmenus' with LANG=C. Fixed, will upload to online Woof repo soon.


JWM menu
Username: rodin.s
It's fixmenus problem. I haven't tested your i18n-ed petget yet but in my version of petget I have removed LANG=C in scripts with fixmenus. [code]fixmenus jwm -restart[/code] should make menu items translated. Also in some cases menu jumps to English by itself so I have made startup script to check and fix it if necessary. [code]grep 'label="Desktop"' ~/.jwmrc if [ $? -eq 0 ] then yaf-splash -bg orange -close never -text "$(gettext 'Updating menu, screen will flicker...')" & proc_id=$! fixmenus jwm -restart kill $proc_id fi[/code] In normal state I have 'Desktop' translated. If it's not translated then fixmenus is run.

Re petget LANG
Username: BarryK
"rodin.s, yes, I took the LANG=C out of the petget scripts. In particular, the one in

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