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MoManager uses poedit

February 17, 2012 — BarryK
MoManager now recognises the presence of 'poedit' or 'poeditor' and will display a checkbox to choose between poedit and the default text editor.

Note, I had a play with poedit, maybe I didn't really appreciate it's capabilities, as I still prefer to use Geany to edit po files.

Here is the momanager file:


LANG in MoManager
Username: BarryK
rodin.s reported that poedit should not run with LANG=C. Hmmm, yes, geany is also running with LANG=C. I have fixed it, grab latest momanager from here: The commit is:

Russian langpack update
Username: rodin.s
"Momanager with Poedit is good translation tool. Very convenient. I have updated [url=]Russian langpack. There is an updated in it. Also I have translated sss-files. Boot messages are translated. One more thing. Three icons in PuppyPin are too close for Russian: setup, edit and console. Maybe x-coordinates of these icons should be changed: setup to 302, edit to 374 and console to 438.

Re desktop icon spacing
Username: BarryK
"rodin.s, Maybe in the PET pkg could modify PuppyPin icon coordinates. Note, /usr/local/petget/ did not a TEXTDOMAIN variable. I have now set it to "", Woof commit not yet uploaded.

poedit sfs
Username: BarryK
"I think this poedit SFS was created by shinobar, I have uploaded it here (9.7MB): Not compiled in Wary or Racy though, so the libs are not exactly "right", but it does work. Anyone want to volunteer to compile it in Wary? (it will work in Racy too, and due to the older X libs and less deps will work in just about any other pup too -- the advantage of compiling stuff in wary (not older 4.x pups though)

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