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February 17, 2012 — BarryK
I have been working so intensely on the internationalization stuff these last couple of weeks, I have got out of touch with reality.

Yesterday, I was thinking, is it Monday or Tuesday... then I looked and much to my surprise I saw it is Thursday!

Anyway, the momentum will continue for awhile, before I can get back onto "normal" Puppy things.

I will continue to work on various aspects of the internationalization, for example, the initial bootup splash screens -- aiming for Woof to be able to build a truly language-specific Puppy. The splash screen translations will also be managed by MoManager.


Planned Wary/Racy betas
Username: BarryK
I think that I am nearly at the point where I can give this internationalization stuff a rest. There is a very short to-do list for tonight. Tomorrow I intend to read the Wary and Racy threads on the forum and implement any fixes posted, investigate any bug reports, then hopefully not long after, build Wary and Racy betas for the upcoming version 5.3.

petget, but not in french
Username: esmourguit
"Hello Barry, I can not run petget in French, despite all .mo file created with momanager.

Username: L18L
"Puppy File Downloader Testing file exists GIVE UP Button does not work

re petget
Username: BarryK
"esmourguit, Have you tried running it in a terminal, to see if there are any error messages? # petget <full path> And prefix with a '-' to uninstall: # petget -<full path>

Re 'download_file'
Username: BarryK
"L18L, /usr/sbin/download_file has been internationalized by rodin.s. The problem is due to the introduction of "LANG=C #110602" on line 43: [code] LANG=C wget -4 -t 2 -T 20 --waitretry=20 --spider -S "${URLSPEC}" > /tmp/download_file_spider.log1 2>&1 # if [ $? -ne 0 ];then Xdialog --wmclass "gtkdialog2" --title "$(gettext 'Puppy File Downloader')" --screen-center --cr-wrap --ok-label "$(gettext 'TEST AGAIN')" --cancel-label "$(gettext 'GIVE UP')" --icon "/usr/local/lib/X11/pixmaps/error.xpm" --yesno "$(gettext 'Tested if remote file exists, but failed, see log top-left of screen. Do you want to test again, or give up?')" 0 0 LANG=C #110602 REPLY1=$? kill $PID1 [ $REPLY1 -eq 0 ] && continue exit 1 fi [/code] That seems to be an oversight. It sets $? back to zero, so the following test does not work. But, why is the script being set to LANG=C? There doesn't seem to be any logic to it, so I have deleted that line.

Username: rodin.s
"PPM is translated OK in Russian although some icons in Zigbert GUI are not displayed. Yes. It was my mistake in download_file.

MoManager bug fix
Username: BarryK
"esmouguit, Thanks for reporting that, it is a bug. Fixed: MoManager only looks for files that are 'executable', so I have set the executable flags on /usr/local/petget/ui_Classic and ui_Ziggy. This causes a bug to emerge in /usr/sbin/momanager, as those files have two "export TEXTDOMAIN ..." lines. Fixed also.

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