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Racy build

February 17, 2012 — BarryK
This is a build to test the internationalization features of Woof.

I think that I have fixed some bugs that were in the Racy build, plus exciting new features such as modification of the initrd.gz to permanently set the chosen language at early bootup -- meaning that the on-screen messages right from early bootup will be in the correct language.

You can test by choosing 'de_DE' locale. For the initrd.gz to be modified, Puppy will have to be installed, not running off a CD. Puppy should detect the right conditions and ask if you want to modify the initrd.gz.

You will see the German boot messages at early bootup, but then going back to English, as the scripts in /etc/rc.d/ do not yet have 'de' translations -- run MoManager (Utility menu) and look in 'script_strings' SSS-domain, you will see the simple sed expressions awaiting translation.

Note to rodin.s, the SSS translation files have changed, the old ones have to be deleted.

Download Racy from here:

I am hoping now that things have stabilised enough, so that translators can start translating. MoManager is highly automated, and now has the lovely feature of creating a 'langpack' PET that you can email to me (or Forum pm) for uploading to the ibiblio 'noarch' repo.

MoManager is still only using Geany to edit po files. rodin.s did report being able to use poedit with MoManager, so it is still on my to-do list to detect poedit if it is present and optionally use it.

Another great development is that a Puppy build can now default to a non-English language at the very first boot. This is for those using Woof -- if you have a langpack PET for your language, include that in the build. The 3builddistro script will ask what language you want to set as default, and you choose your language. Hey presto, a custom Puppy for your language!


Username: BarryK
If you want to see how the initrd.gz is opened up and translated, there is a new script that does it, /usr/sbin/lang2initrd.

Username: BarryK
"There was one line missing from the 'init' translation. Here it is, with a German translation: s%'copying to ram'%'kopiere ins RAM'%

Username: L18L
"test of momanager no langpack loaded yet [code]# ls /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES # # which scrollkeeper # [/code] momanager: scripts that do not have a mo file: rc.d/rc.shutdown (etc__rc.shutdown WOOF) usr/sbin/grub4dosconfig ($(basename WOOF) looks like typso orphan?

Re 'grub4dosconfig'
Username: BarryK
"This line in /usr/sbin/grub4dosconfig upsets MoManager: export TEXTDOMAIN=$(basename "$0") I have replaced it with: export TEXTDOMAIN=grub4dosconfig And uploaded the modified PET (211KB): if shinobar doesn't read this, we will have to send him a pm.

Re 'rc.shutdown'
Username: BarryK
"In /etc/rc.d/rc.shutdown, I have changed this line: export TEXTDOMAIN=etcrcd___rc.shutdown To this: export TEXTDOMAIN=rc.shutdown there are already some files.

Re ''
Username: BarryK
"L18L, Thanks for your feedback, I was able to fix those items above. Regarding, no it is not an orphan. it is actually in the 'devx' SFS, and is the translation file for one of the scrollkeeper executables -- which does not have to be named 'scrollkeeper'.

Re es_AR
Username: BarryK
"Yes, but we don't have translations for it. Someone would have to create them.

Don't want to redo what has already been translated
Username: musher0
"Hello. I'm interested in participating in the localisation project, but it would a waste of time to redo a translation that is already available in or possibly integrated from Toutou. What is the current situation regarding French localisation? Thanks in advance. Christian L. (aka musher0)

Re Toutou
Username: BarryK
"You are asking in the wrong place. Ask the Toutou developers.

@new translators
Username: shinobar
"@new translators. The [b]lang_pack_all-0.9.sfs[/b] has a collection of translations. I guess you can use it for the start.

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