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Russian langpack PET

February 20, 2012 — BarryK
rodin.s has completed the langpack for 'ru', which I have uploaded (1MB):

This is a good example for other language translators to study, as rodin.s has put in many more translations than those managed by MoManager. There are many applications in Puppy that have translation files that can be found by searching on the Puppy Forum.

Of course, this langpack can be installed after someone has booted Puppy and connected to the Internet, which means of course that they would have to use English-language Puppy until then.

However, the great news is that with this PET, someone using Woof will be able to create a Russian Puppy, that starts up first time in Russian.

There is already a variant of Puppy in Russian, known as PuppyRus, that was started in 2007 I think:

Now, the PuppyRus team have the opportunity, if they want, of building a Russian Puppy from latest Woof, and always from now on being able to sync with latest Woof.

If anyone uses the langpack_ru and finds a problem with any translation, rodin.s is the maintainer, so please send a pm on the Puppy Forum.

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