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Set hostname in QuickSetup

February 27, 2012 — BarryK
Gcmartin will be pleased with this! QuickSetup now has an entry box to change the hostname, but it will only display if there is an automatic Internet connection at first boot.

In the case of wired Ethernet, /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit may determine that 'eth0' is already available and can connect to the Internet/network, so it is done automatically at the very first (PUPMODE=5 or PUPMODE=2) boot.

I do not want a hostname-entry box in QuickSetup, the more appropriate place for it is in the Internet Connection Wizard, however for the above specific situation in which the ICW is not run, then it would be appropriate to set the hostname in QuickSetup.

Woof commit creating new 'check_internet' script:

Woof commit, hostname-entry-box in QuickSetup:


FirstRUN/Quick Setup
Username: GCMartin
I understand the effort that you and 01Micko are doing for us. It is helpful to see the progress this community is having thanks to your efforts. I would like to ask you, Barry, about your reason for not wanting this to be a part of single screen FirstRUN "localization" setting. This request is NOT a nudge to you but a request for understanding. Here's why: When any system/device that is LAN connected by protocol convention requires unique ID as a normal part of LAN protocols. Localization in Puppy has progressed to a point where we our systems start to a single screen for setting up our PCs for system and LAN use. In that single screen, a user can select the name he wants the PC it identify itself as. I believe that the PC's name plus other localization settings and all of the PC's fields should be set, consistent, via some "central" method. And, should there be a need to ever adjust any one of the fields, a central localization screen is extreme simple and useful. I believe when Shinobar first demonstrated this appropriate method of doing this, it was included in his understanding of a localization process. I agree with a single screen approach. Every PC should have a unique ID and thanks to this community, we have that technology built-in. Also, I understand the recent efforts in moving from text based startup to a one-stop startup localization method that is be used by just about everyone of the official distro builders now. This is a good thing for all of us. I hope you do not view this as some sort of an attack (as viewed before). It is not. But, it is some information so that you can see what I am seeing as I look at the progress Puppy is going thru. Thanks, again, to what you're doing. Please consider my remarks useful. Hope this helps PS Check your PM for a shortcoming

It's ok
Username: Jota
"Hi! I understand your arguments but really think Barry has implement it in a very sensible and intelligent way.

FirstRUN/Quick Setup ???
Username: GCMartin
"@Jota, ??? What are you sharing by your comment? Are you sharing you see an improvement that maybe we are missing here. My comments are NOT an attack on Barry on anyone. Further, it is NOT an attack of any sort on what is being present for our use by Barry. Barry is and has always had our interest at heart. Its a discussion on ease of use and simple presentation. If you could share what your comment means to the rest of us, I'm sure we would see what you're trying to present. Hope this helps

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