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T2-raspberrypi, Musl

February 05, 2012 — BarryK
For coders/developers, this stuff is interesting.

There is a port of T2 that aims to support the RaspberryPi:

Dougal sent me a link to 'musl', an interesting alternative to uclibc:


Username: technosaurus
I don't know what his base OS is but I end up having to rewrite his wrapper script at every release. (maybe it is a build issue with the wrapper generator?) anyhow the script gets built with the shabang as bin/sh but it uses some weird (not sh) syntax for i ; do ... $i is never declared but it appears to be parsing $@ there were more, but I am away from my linux box for the weekend I may end up making a universal wrapper that will work for musl and uclibc (based on existing examples) and hopefully eventually bionic (I posted the beginning of one to the Saluki thread ages ago, but have been working on getting a 3-8mb ram usage desktop into something useful, which should go much quicker now that goingnuts backported gtkdialog to gtk1 - I am sure I will need/want the wrapper eventually) really now that most of the functions are implemented its not much smaller than uclibc when similarly configured, the speeds are comparable, supports less platforms/functions and has the same license, so I am really not sure what Rich is trying to do except scratch an itch

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