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Unionfs versus Aufs

February 23, 2012 — BarryK
The old battle between these two is continuing. Some brief notes here.

Aufs currently has a problem with "udba=reval" in latest kernels (and more than one CPU), which is what we use in /usr/local/petget/ when installing packages. The "problem" is that Aufs hangs sometimes. This may be resolved soon.

Unionfs has now reached version 2.5.11 and works on the latest kernels.


aufs3 and kernel 3.X

Same here
Username: Iguleder1
"Using Linux 3.0.x (the current LTS kernel) with Aufs, no problems here, too. Unionfs development seems to be very slow and many times the patches simply don't work against recent kernels. For example, in the previous version, I couldn't apply the 3.0.x patch against kernel 3.0.20.

re aufs
Username: 01micko
"A guy in my class tried slacko (latest rc) on his lappy .. usb install. Hanging at shutdown, similar to what's on the mailing list. I'm sure if he let it go it would shut down, but it's still a bug. I just compiled 3.1.10 with unionfs to see how it goes, build script posted to slacko thread. Sould port to k3.2.x+ easily.

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