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VLC 2.0.0 SFS

February 26, 2012 — BarryK
I announced recently that Billtoo has compiled Thunderbird and created an SFS for Wary and Racy. Now Billtoo has added VLC 2.0.0 (video and audio media player).

Right now I am uploading the SFS to

This is where Billtoo posted to the Forum:


DVB USB dongle
Username: tatemono
I have a Linux-supported DVB USB dongle. However, I cannot watch DVB TV by using Billtoo's VLC 2.0.0 SFS under Racy 5.3beta2 because VLC can't recognize input's format. And vlc-1.1.12-racy-i686.sfs also has the same problem. By the way, my DVB USB dongle works under Puppy Drake 0.3 which Mageia One's VLC 1.1.12 package was installed.

Tags: wary