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Wi-Fi crisis today

February 29, 2012 — BarryK
This morning my Telstra Mobile Wi-Fi module stopped working. I took it to a Telstra Shop and they asked me when I bought it, which I could not recall. Well, here is my blog post:

...ha ha ha! I bought it on Feb. 1, 2011, and it has a one year warranty -- the designers have sure done a good job there!

The big problem for me is that yesterday I spent $150 on a prepaid recharge, which I activated last night.

I have a Telstra USB wireless modem that someone gave me a year or so ago. So, I put the sim into that, but unfortunately PupDial reports:

--> bad init string

Note, "telstra.internet" is my guess at the APN, which I think worked with this same modem when I first acquired it. Dialup number I set to "*99#".

For the record, the chip in this modem is ZTE MF626i. It switches to modem-usage ok and works on /dev/ttyUSB0.

Anyway, I also have an Optus USB wireless modem, that I have reported about previously on this blog. I haven't used it for a long time, so the Optus Shop told me that I had to buy a new sim card -- for $30, which I did. Dialup number "*99#" and APN "preconnect", and it works.

I am using it now. I went to the designated Optus site to activate it, and it told me that I have $0.25 credit, which was a bit disconcerting considering that I am supposed to have 1GB for 30 days. Anyway, it is working. But, more expenditure, as I will have to go back to the Optus Shop in a few days and purchase a recharge.

I have got to try and get that Telstra modem working, otherwise I will have to throw away $150.


I have got to try and get that Telstra modem working
Username: Sage
Take a look at the caps in the PSU first, then the caps in the front end - anything >=~1000mfd. Not sure whether is still alive? If it's not an obvious fault like the caps, fuses, etc. it could be an ic gone bad due to surge or static(contrary to popular belief it is not necessary to get a direct lightning strike, just an excess of ionised air). Most of those things are unobtainable, sm and proprietary...
Username: Sage
" still in business. WiFi is a thoroughly bad idea for all the reasons outlined on the Forum. Stick RJ ports in every room, the front porch and garden shed. Use line 6 in the cat5 cable as an earth line if not using cat6.

Optus recharged
Username: BarryK
"Sage, you are on the wrong frequency. I am using wireless broadband, no home wired connection, I don't even have a home phone anymore. Well, I recharged online with Optus, AU$130 for 15GB for 1 year. Paid with PayPal, thanks for the donations that put some money into my PayPal account! I am still rather upset about the AU$150 that I paid Telstra.

telstra sim
Username: Rooey
"a. it's definately telstra & not bigpond? (apn telstra.bigpond) b. can you unlock the optus modem & put the telstra sim in? c. will it connect with ubuntu's 'connection manager'? if so, u might have to make a pup:)

Username: BarryK
"Here is a handy site for Aussies, lists all the APNs: My Telstra mobile Wi-Fi is the model 'MF30'. I tried all of the APNs, none work. The web interface to my MF30 still works, it reports that the SIM is not inserted (when it is). Oh, I do hope that the SIM is not the thing that is broken!!!! I don't want to mess around with my Optus modem. It is the only thing that I have to connect to the Internet.

Warranties a con
Username: dogle
"The supplier's legal obligations do not expire at the end of the 'warranty period' (as they would like the buyer to believe). Oz state law has roots in the old UK Sale of Goods Act 1895 which required stuff to be 'of merchantable quality' i.e. fit for purpose and reasonably durable. I for one would not consider the latter satisfied if kit like this went titsup in just over a year. Trouble is, it's such a hassle getting what the law says is due to you ... you need to be really cross ...

Getting really cross
Username: BarryK
"dogle, That's that thing, getting really cross over something ends up being so disturbing/upsetting for you yourself, and such a hassle, that it often isn't worth it. Many many years ago I got really cross over a couple of things, but in the end I think that I would have been better off just shrugging my shoulders and walking away. Yeah yeah, principle of the thing and all that. I might try and find another wireless wi-fi module, Telstra or unlocked, and try my Telstra SIM in that. If still no go, I will just have to write off the $150.

Ring Telstra 137663
Username: cthisbear
" I talked to Marco at Telstra. Ring 137663 >> say ...Sales so that you will be sent to the sales area and see if they replace your modem. Anyway under 1 month out of warranty is a nothing in Australia. You should ask Telstra to sponsor you. You save them heaps in lower bandwidth costs with puppy. How many downloads in XP...Vista..Win7 with updates do you save. Mr BK needs to promote himself. So give them a ring. Best I could do. Regards....Chris.

telstra sim D & E
Username: Rooey
"d. put telstra sim in a phone & use as wireless modem via USB. i've used with 3 6120c's & a razr v2xx & dout there's one that doesn't work with pupdial:P e. pre-paid has a credit me to you deal, where you can pass it to another pre-paid

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