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3.2.13 kernel

March 26, 2012 — BarryK
I have compiled the 3.2.13 kernel, for both Precise and Wary.

As usual, the sources, including a SFS file, patches and build scripts, are at my sources repo:

I compiled the kernel under Wary, but have not added the PET to the 'wary5' repo.

I compiled the kernel under Precise Puppy, here is the PET (for Woof developers only) (22.9MB):

My latest build of "Precise Puppy LTS" is working very well, thanks for the feedback on the first alpha. Another build with the 3.2.13 kernel is coming very soon.


Wary soft-modem support
Username: Dewbie
Barry: In another thread a while back, you mentioned eventually dropping support for certain soft modems. Does this begin with the 3.x kernel?

Wary soft-modem support
Username: BarryK
"One of the purposes of Wary is to support analog soft-modems. That will not change. Wary uses the 2.6.32.x kernel and there are no plans (nor have there ever been) to change that.

3.2.13 kernel for Racy
Username: BarryK
"The kernel was compiled in Wary, which is the same libraries as Racy. The intention is to use it in Racy, not Wary.

Username: Dewbie
"That's [i]exactly[/i] what caused the confusion. Thanks for clarifying!

Username: mavrothal
"I see that you use unionfs as the layered filesystem in 3.2.13. I' m sure you have a good reason, but I would like to bring to your attention in case you missed it, that aufs recently solved a bug with udba=notify, in 3.x kernels while today's release has a couple of bugfixes for size calculation and aubusy. Slacko, Saluki and Exprimo are using 3.2/aufs without any apparent issues, while 3.2/unionfs appears to have some, at least when used in Slacko. You might want to give it a shot again (just be sure to build a matching aufs3-utils)

Precise Puppy
Username: Ramachandran
"Dear Sir I have installed Precise Puppy along with other puppy variant and it is working fine. Thanks

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