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'pupmessage' partial replacement for 'xmessage'

March 23, 2012 — BarryK
I have knocked up a very simple partial replacement for 'xmessage', named 'pupmessage', and converted some of the scripts in Woof to use it.

Woof commit:


Is gcmessage and pupmessage the same?

re gxmessage
Username: BarryK
"No. I mentioned earlier that I don't like gxmessage. Mostly it is because it renders windows with the text-cursor in the message -- right at the beginning. You can also click anywhere in the message and the cursor will move there. This has happened because the author of gxmessage has used the wrong GTK widget for rendering the text, which is amateurish coding. It looks very unprofessional.

text-cursor in gxmessage
Username: noryb009
"This line in [i]gxmessage.c[/i] can be changed to remove the text-cursor. [code]- gtk_text_view_set_cursor_visible (GTK_TEXT_VIEW(message_widget), TRUE); + gtk_text_view_set_cursor_visible (GTK_TEXT_VIEW(message_widget), FALSE);[/code]

Xmessage link?
Username: peebee
"Hi Barry I don't really understand why Precise doesn't have xmessage - but I am wondering whether you could include a link to pupmessage called xmessage just for compatibility with existing scripts otherwise they'll all have to be changed.... Sorry if this is a sill idea - but I did try it on Precise5.2.52 and it seemed to work. Cheers peebee

why Precise doesn't have xmessage
Username: disciple
"> I don't really understand why Precise doesn't have xmessage Because xmessage doesn't work with some foreign characters. Except that some people say that it does if you define this resource...: [code]*international: true[/code] Or maybe it is this: [code]xmessage*international:true[/code]

Username: BarryK
"I played around with "*international: true", it didn't seem to make any difference.

xmessage in Precise
Username: BarryK
"disciple, Precise is supposed to have gxmessage, with xmessage a symlink to it. However, it seems that something somewhere is deleting it -- this is occurring in Woof during the build. Another bug for me to fix.

xmessage link to pupmessage
Username: BarryK
"peebee, No, that is not going to fix it, as pupmessage is only a partial implementation of xmessage, and will be broken with some scripts.

Unprofessional gxmessage
Username: BarryK
"noryb009, Thanks for that info about hiding the cursor in gxmessage -- I wonder why the author didn't do that? But, my complaint doesn't end there. The calculation of box size is not very good. If you want to display a short message, it renders in a much bigger window, with lots of empty space, that again looks very unprofessional.

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