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'' rewritten

March 29, 2012 — BarryK
I have completely rewritten /etc/rc.d/

Rodin.s reported that the console font was not loaded for ru_UA locale, which got me to re-examine the relevant code. was not properly handling non-English locales, and it really needed to be rewritten, so I did.

Fixes were also required in quicksetup and xorgwizard-automatic scripts.

I am reluctant to be making such big changes when Wary/Racy are at RC1, but the fixes are required.

This Woof commit also has BootFlash fixes, for booting off a non-optical iso9660 filesystem, (init script), and booting from USB drive with separate partition for the save-file (shutdownconfig script).

Woof commit:


Username: shinobar
The quicksetup assumes '[b]iw[/b]' for Hebrew language. But there are both '[b]he_IL[/b]' and '[b]iw_IL[/b]' for 'Hebrew, Israel' in the chooselocale choice. I suppose 'iw_IL' is old form and 'he_IL' is the current standard.

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