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'xdelta_gui' fixed

March 12, 2012 — BarryK
/usr/sbin/xdelta_gui is a GUI for the delta difference file utility, available in the Utility menu.

The t12s conversion of this script has broken an if-then operation. However, rather than fix it, I have changed the script to a gettext conversion done by rodin.s.

MoManager does not manage t12s'ed scripts, so now xdelta-gui is being managed. xdelta_gui was the only t12s'ed script in Woof.

Woof commit:


Xdelta in Spanish

re Spanish xdelta
Username: BarryK
"vicmz, I don't want to be sent individual .po or .mo files. I was doing it this way awhile back, but it adds too much to my workload. Better if the language translator puts translations into a PET and just sends me the PET sometimes.

Bigger langpack
Username: BarryK
"See my latest post, this should help with creating langpacks that have everything:

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