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BootFlash fix

March 11, 2012 — BarryK
Forum member bigpup reported that BootFlash (install Puppy to USB) utility is failing with Lupu. Bigpup provided this link:

Yes, for some modes of installation, a 128M first partition is created, which is too small for some puppies (such as Lupu).

I have bumped it up to 256M, but haven't tested it. Here is the Woof commit:

Get the latest script from here (notice the Download button):


Long term support
Username: bigpup
Thank you Barry, for looking at this problem, and your quick response. Maybe the long term use of Lucid Puppy, is bringing to light, little issues, that get overlooked, by always moving to the next version of Puppy. It's hard to do heavy testing, of all operations and functions, when you have to move on to the next Puppy version and start new. Lucid has been heavily used, for about two years, and has a big base of users.(many eyes looking) Fine tweaking of programs, like "Bootflash", to me would seem much easier, knowing they are being run on a good stable and tested Puppy version.

Username: BarryK
"bigpup, Your premise "when you have to move on to the next Puppy version and start new" is fundamentally incorrect. Later versions of Puppy build upon earlier versions. if you take the BootFlash utility as an example, it has had many bug fixes and improvements since Lucid was released, you only need to look at the comments at the start of the script to see that. A "little issue" such as a fatter Puppy not working with BootFlash is something that could have been discovered and corrected at any time. Once put into the script, the fix is there for all future puppies. Bug fixes and improvements are usually accumulative, meaning that Woof has a myriad of these fixes/improvements since Lucid was released. There are of course some new issues that arise when applications change, for example we go from one release of Ubuntu to the latest, or we upgrade the kernel -- but there are usually very strong reasons in favour of why we should do these upgrades. Anyway, Lucid is continuing, as long as people want it to.

How to get bug fixes from Woof?
Username: bigpup
"Quote: Your premise "when you have to move on to the next Puppy version and start new" is fundamentally incorrect. It is my understanding, that the only way to get the bug fixes that have been implemented in Woof, is to make a new version of Puppy, with the latest Woof. Most likely it will be named something other than the Puppy version I have now. Save file will have different name. SFS file will have different name. Looks to me like I have to start over with clean start. New install, new save file, new install of any additional programs. Can Woof generate an update package, with all latest bug fixes, that can be applied to a Puppy version?

woof fixes
Username: L18L
"Correct me if I am wrong, or confirm. Example of a recent bug fix of a woof script here: Login and download from [b]Woof commit[/b] is not that difficult. In my understanding and my experience this is [b]one[/b] of the ways to get a bug fixed.

Re updates from Woof
Username: BarryK
"That is up to the maintainers of a particular puplet. They can contribute to Woof, and take updates out of Woof. The best way to update a puplet is to build from latest Woof. Wary, Racy, Slacko, and some others, are doing this. A version upgrade doesn't change what it is, a Slacko based on Slackware 13.37 remains as that. Lucid is in a different category as it forked from Woof sometime ago. Lucid upgrades do not sync with the official Woof. Instead, Lucid maintainers may, if they wish, pull out whatever improvements in Woof that they want. Lucid is really a fork, which is another reason why it no longer falls into the "official" classification. In short, there is no simple way to apply all the upgrades from Woof to Lucid. Apart from using latest Woof to build a Upup based on Lucid Lynx Ubuntu packages and applying some tweaks to make it more Lucid-like. But then, there may be some people, even me, interested in building a brand new Upup based on latest Ubuntu release -- I am interested because Ubuntu uses ARMv7 architecture for it's ARM branch.

Individual downloads
Username: BarryK
"L18L, Yes, anyone can download individual files from the online Woof. In the case of BootFlash that would be ok, but some scripts rely on the infrastructure provided by the rest of Woof, and would not work as-is in Lucid -- that is why it would usually have to be the maintainers of Lucid who performed that operation.

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