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French language pack

March 05, 2012 — BarryK
This is great, Forum member esmourguit has created a language-pack for Puppy. This is a large PET, with all the translations you will need for the 'fr' locale.

The language pack is created using MoManager, plus other translations found, mostly via the Forum. It is designed to work with any Puppy built from Woof after Feb. 27, 2012. We don't actually have any such puppies officially released yet, only alpha/betas.

I would like to congratulate esmourguit on this, it is not a small task. Translating so many files takes a long time, and the scripts need particular care so as not to break their syntax. I think that esmourguit, L18L (de) and rodin.s (ru) are three of our many unsung heroes.

Here is the PET (1.5MB):

Please note that I intend to update Woof in a day or two, with an enhancement for QuickSetup such that when someone chooses a non-English locale, a check is made automatically about availability of a suitable langpack, and some kind of offer is made to download it.
I will also build a Wary/Racy to test it.


language packs
Username: L18L
My congratulations too: Ca fait plaisir de vous lire :happy: Latest de langpack here:

A unicode fixed font
Username: L18L
"Barry, I would like to bring this X font to your attention. [i]Using Unicode/UTF-8, you can write in emails and source code things such as Mathematics and sciences: Linguistics and dictionaries: APL: Nicer typography in plain text files: Combining characters: Runes: Braille: Box drawing alignment [/i] Some of these might be of interest for "English-only", too. The pet which I have made for this is working in wary and racy only, donīt know why. Pet and image see please. Would be nice to see this in above mentioned Wary/Racy

Russian langpack
Username: rodin.s
"I have updated [url=]Russian langpack. Some help files are not translated yet. I am working on it. But I decided to send the PET in it's current state. Changed and new files are: [code]./usr/share/doc/HOWTO-internationalization.htm ./usr/share/doc/ ./usr/share/doc/home-raw.htm ./usr/share/doc/HOWTO-microsoft.htm ./usr/share/doc/HOWTO_Internet.htm ./usr/share/doc/cups_shell-ru.htm ./usr/share/doc/index.html.bottom-raw ./usr/share/doc/HOWTO-fattenpuppy.htm ./usr/share/doc/HOWTO_modem.htm ./usr/share/locales/ru ./usr/share/locales/ru/nouveau_unload ./usr/share/locale/ru/LC_MESSAGES ./usr/share/locale/ru/LC_MESSAGES/ ./usr/share/locale/ru/LC_MESSAGES/ ./usr/local/pmusic/locals ./usr/local/pmusic/locals/ru_RU.UTF-8 ./usr/local/petget ./usr/local/petget/help-ru.htm[/code]

Username: Congratulations!
"Esmourguit, congratulations! Thanks to you many French speakers will be able to use the latest Puppies, too. Barry, I forgot to say who I am (as a forum user) in the email message ( I've sent to you. As I said the langpack is just my first attempt to test how it works, there's been an issue with not making the desk icons to show my translations, but everything else works flawless. Maybe making a new pupsave solves the problem.

re pupsave
Username: BarryK
"vicmz, Yes, creating a langpack, you should be using the latest Racy (well, latest at March 6 2012). Also, you should not be using a pupsave updated from an earlier Puppy, due to the evolving nature of the translation infrastructure. Though, it has pretty much stabilised now.

delta file iso
Username: wahyu
"i hope there is a delta iso file for ur updated iso from previous iso file. its very useful for someone that has limited bandwich.. (like me of course) thanks before.

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