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mo files in Woof

March 28, 2012 — BarryK
Woof has some mo files in rootfs-skeleton/usr/share/locale.

As we now have the langpack system, there is no point in keeping these mo files, so I plan to delete them.

This is a notice to the langpack maintainers. If they are not in your langpack, would you please put them in.

It is also going to save space in a build, not having lots of mo files.


mo files
Username: esmourguit
Hello Barry, I suppose you are talking about these files : They are all in the french langpack. Cordialement ;)

mo files removed
Username: BarryK
"OK, I have removed them. There were mo files in de, es, fr, ja, nl, pl, pt_BR and ru folders.

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