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Precise Puppy boots, no X

March 16, 2012 — BarryK
I mentioned yesterday that I was thinking of upgrading Woof to build from Ubuntu Precise Pangolin debs. I am mostly interested in an ARM build, but it follows that an x86 build gets a "free ride" (part of the way).

I posted about the problem of Multiarch:

The problem is now solved in Woof, in the scripts '2createpackages' and '3builddistro'.

I have built Precise Puppy, did a frugal install and it boots, but only to the commandline as X fails. I think that the problem is the missing 'kbd' Xorg driver -- Puppy is setup to use it, however I think that these days we are not supposed to be using the 'mouse' and 'kbd' drivers. I know there was some discussion about this on the Forum awhile back, and some puplets have "moved on".

Anyway, that might be all that is preventing X from running. Maybe, maybe not.

I am not inclined to take on bringing an x86 (or x86_64) Precise Puppy to release status, it is just too much work, and I am going to get overloaded.

I wanted to update Woof to build a Precise Puppy, and I will probably do a bit more work on it, then will probably move on. Here is the Woof commit:

For those who don't know, Ubuntu Precise Pangolin LTS is due to be release April 26, with 5 years Long Term Support.



Getting Woof
Username: BarryK
"I should post this link, for anyone new to Woof2 and who is interested in building Precise Puppy. You need to install Woof: Recent puppies have Fossil, in the devx SFS. if not, get this PET. I recommend install version 1.20, as 01micko reported a problem with a later version:

Precise Puppy devx
Username: BarryK
"Just a quick progress report. I am doing some work on Precise Puppy. I found that 'devx' was somewhat broken, well underway to fixing it. Just about there. Then I intend to take another look at why X won't start.

Precise has X
Username: BarryK
"I now have X running. JWM running, but GTK apps broken. Will keep at it.

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