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Simple Network Setup fixed

March 24, 2012 — BarryK
This affects all Woof-built puppies, since the internationalization effort.

The script /usr/local/Simple_Network_Setup/sns has a syntax error introduced when it was internationalized. Causes a crash.

I didn't realise this, as it is not encountered for wireless connection, only for wired ethernet.

Anyway, fixed. You can download the fixed script:

Note, we have to expect this. It was a mammoth effort internationalizing all of the scripts, and the occasional typo is bound to happen.


wired sns fails - network wizard works
Username: broomdodger
racy5290 acer travelmate 4670 I was surprised when sns failed for wired network, I just thought something was changed on purpose. Wireless connected no problem. I was able to connect to the wired network using the Puppy Network Wizard. Thank you for the update.

Tags: woof