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TODO shortlist

March 26, 2012 — BarryK
This is my current shortlist:

1. Precise Puppy: PPM initially has 'puppy-precise' radiobutton ticked, however the packages in 'ubuntu-precise-main' repo are displayed. This bug has been there for awhile (not just for Precise Puppy), I must finally fix it.

2. BootFlash. Apparently it is broken.

3. Kernel 3.2.13 does not have the usb-storage patch, that is normally required for usb drives detection at bootup. I need to fix drive detection without the patch, probably by monitoring uevents.


usb-storage patch
Username: mavrothal
I was compiling the 3.3 (olpc) kernel and [url=]this patch appears to work, albeit not tested with other hardware. You may want to try it on 3.2

PPM bug fixed
Username: BarryK
"Ok, I have fixed number [b]1[/b], the PPM bug. Woof commit: Here is another bug: [b]4.[/b] Precise Puppy: Geany colour syntax highlighting not working.

Thinking about todo list
Username: BarryK
"I got Wary/Racy to RC1, now I am off doing Precise Puppy builds... Hmmm, I need to prioritize my todo list, to get Wary/Racy closer to release first, anything Precise-specific can wait a bit. Racy is going to stay with the 3.0.17 kernel, for 5.3-final.

BootFlash USB-HDD works
Username: BarryK
"I have just tested the 'USB-HDD' installation choice, the one recommended for most cases, especially for just about all modern computers. I installed Precise Puppy to a 2GB USB Flash drive -- it works.

BootFlash USB-ZIP works
Username: BarryK
"The second choice, 'USB-ZIP', works. USB-ZIP creates 1.6MB partition 1, and 256MB partition 4. The latter is the bootable partition. The intention is that a savefile be created in partition 1, however this is where Puppy is having a problem. After creating the savefile at first shutdown, Puppy does not recognise it at next bootup. This issue was fixed back when I first created BootFlash, but that was a long time ago. [b]5.[/b] Ok, I will add that bug. It is not a bug in BootFlash, it is a bug in the 'init' script in the initrd.

No. 5 fixed
Username: BarryK
"The bug with the savefile for USB-ZIP was not in the 'init' script, it is in /usr/sbin/shutdownconfig -- this script was extracted out of rc.shutdown, and a variable 'expBOOTDRV' is required to be returned from 'shutdownconfig' to rc.shutdown. So, theoretically at least, BootFlash USB-ZIP installation is fixed.

No. 5 confirmed fixed
Username: BarryK
"Ok, I have tested BootFlash USB-ZIP install, savefile now found at next boot. Now to test the other BootFlash installation options...

BootFlash, more tests
Username: BarryK
"Continuing with testing the installation modes: SuperFloppy -- boot fail. ComboFormat -- works. ISO9660 -- installation works, but savefile not found at bootup. I have run out of time tonight. Will fix ISO9660 mode tomorrow. Note, none of this work applies to Lupu.

Username: L18L
"Please compile [b]util-linux-ng[/b] using ENABLE_NLS po files for 23 languages exist in source

library glimpse
Username: maxerro
"For precise-early-adopters: [i]liblzma5[/i] to make mksquashfs happy (so that you can remaster), [i]librtmp0[/i] to make apps that use (the included version of) libcurl happy.

BootFlash ISO9660 fixed
Username: BarryK
"Well, maybe fixed. I found the problem in the 'init' script, so it is fixed theoretically, not yet tested.

Username: PsyBaba
"Hello! bigpup redirected me to your blog... and as I can see BootFlash bugsquashing is work in progress - nice :) By the way - I'm interested in the workings of BootFlash, but I don't understand bash scripts enough to actually find out what exactly is it doing when using different modes. I'm trying to find out by checking the partition table in a partiion manager after BootFlash has partitioned it. Are the procedures that BootFlash uses to create partitons and filesystems documented somewhere, so I could learn more? Actually I'm mostly curious how come when using ComboFormat the partition where Puppy installs is not visible in Windows? I don't see a "hidden" flag in a partition manager. Not that I'm complaining - quite contrary. I find it a very useful feature as there is absolutely no need to access Puppy system files from Windows. But as I'm trying to recreate that by manually partitioning the USB stick and I would like to know how to achieve this.

Username: drkcity
"using comboformat with Boot Flash on Wary 53 I get- could not find kernel image:linux

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