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Wary/Racy 5.2.90 (5.3RC)

March 18, 2012 — BarryK
I have been minding someone's place for a few days, and they have a fast Internet connection, with high monthly transfer allowance. They will be home this evening, so I decided to go for it and upload Release Candidate 1 of Wary and Racy 5.3.

You can download from here:

There are delta files to upgrade from the previous beta releases, also from the previous official 5.2.2 releases.

Relative to 5.2.2, there are many bug fixes and incremental improvements. There is one major structural change, and that is massive non-English support, in the form of "langpacks".

Langpacks are to be found in the Puppy Package Manager, in the "puppy-noarch" repository in the "Setup" category. Some of them are still being added to and should be ready by the time 5.3-final is released.

When I refer to non-English support as a "major structural change", I mean that it is a complete solution in Woof. It will even be possible to use Woof to build an "out of the box" variant of any Puppy for a specific language.

One thing that I think is a bit awkward, is the replacement of 'xmessage' with 'gxmessage', as the latter is required to display non-English text. However, in my opinion, the gxmessage windows look awful. I do intend to replace use of xmessage with pupdialog in many Woof scripts, but not sure how far I will get with that before 5.3-final.

There is no Release Notes page yet. To find out what has happened since 5.2.2, scan my blog posts.

Still the same old theme as used since version 5.2! It takes me a long time to come up with a new theme that I like, so I am hanging onto this one a bit longer. Probably the ARM-Puppy will get a new theme though.


gxmessage and xmessage
Username: disciple
> in my opinion, the gxmessage windows look awful Since gxmessage just follows your GTK theme, doesn't this really mean the GTK theme you're using looks awful? :) I have seen a claim that to get xmessage to support non-English characters all you need to do is define this resource: [code]*international: true[/code] Is that not enough? Are the fonts not set up correctly or something?

5.2.90 Forum feedback
Username: BarryK
"Forum thread for feedback:

Username: Mark Tranter
"I am downloading this. Racy is my favourite brand of Puppy. Very much appreciated.

Video default issues
Username: Sage
"As well as on these new Wary& Racy, getting seriously overdriven default video setting of 1600x1200 on very latest widescreen l.e.d. TVs & monitors. Industry standard appears to be 1440x900, at least for anything that fits on a desk, eg. 15" - 25" in the UK. 'Probe' no longer has this native resolution listed. Does this mean that the Xorg does not contain it or has it been switched out by developers? Or is it just a feature that comes with the Quickset utility? Clearly there are cheat code and k/b reset options to change the resolution, but there is a serious risk that overdriving brand new screens to the 1600x1200 value could cause damage. This suggests rather more urgent attention than previously considered. Folks using old crt s will probably survive a deal more abuse to their monitors than with the newer kit which is invariable built closer to the tolerance limits. Add to that most folks don't read the detailed specs of their HW so may be unaware of the risks. Laptops may be different - I don't use them. Probably this matter needs the attention of the maestro and promulgated down the chain.

Video default issues
Username: Sage
"Update: Confirm that auto-select resolution not a problem on older monitors (>=2-3yrs old) with much lower capabilities, eg native 1024x768 and less, esp. Racy.

French langpack
Username: BarryK
"Forum member esmourguit, who is our coordinator for the French (fr) langpack, has updated it (1.8MB): It is better if you use this one, rather than the slightly older one available in the Puppy Package Manager. My apologies to esmourguit, he did actually email this to me before I released Wary/Racy 5.2.90, but I didn't get around to downloading it.

Russian langpack
Username: BarryK
"rodin.s, Thanks for that, I am uploading it to the 'noarch' repo right now. All Russian (ru) users are recommended to use this latest langpack!

Russian langpack PET
Username: BarryK
"Ok, here it is (1.8MB):

Spanish langpack
Username: vicmz
"The latest Spanish langpack is available here:

Spanish langpack
Username: BarryK
"vicmz, Fantastic! I have uploaded it (2.4MB):

German Langpack
Username: L18L
"Latest German langpack (actual 1.8MB :happy:)always here:

German langpack
Username: BarryK
"L18L, More great news! I have upload it (1.8MB):

langpack_es update
Username: vicmz
"Here --> New: -Shutdownconfig totally in Spanish -SNS GUIs totally in Spanish -[url=]Welcome1stboot revised to fit the dialog -More locales

langpack_de update
Username: L18L
"Here -> [url=] (thanks to rodin.s for demonstrating use of Last version was faulty: xorgwizard did not work Fixed and new: CUPS localized /usr/share/doc/cups/de/ /usr/share/cups/templates/de/ /usr/lib/seamonkey/chrome/de.*

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