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X keyboard layout fixed

March 18, 2012 — BarryK
We were discussing a problem with Brazilian keyboard layout here:

Forum member shinobar had this all figured out, and I have his 'keymap-set' utility in Woof. I call this from 'quicksetup' and it correctly modifies 'xorg.conf'.

However, 'xorgwizard' does not modify 'xorg.conf' correctly for the Brazil case. The problem crops up in Wary, and anytime that 'xorgwizard' is run.

So, I have modified 'xorgwizard' to call 'keymap-set --xopts' and then modify 'xorg.conf' keyboard layout, model, and variant correctly.

You can get /usr/sbin/xorgwizard from the Woof commit:

Notice that the Woof commit has some other fixes also, such as one for 'fido' from L18L, a fix for the 'pman' script, and improving the langpack creation by 'momanager'.


Username: shinobar
consider update pman. 'pman'( or 'man') without parameter pops up a gui, which intend to replace the pulldown list on the index.html. So the can be skipped, and the installing pet speeds up.

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