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April 22, 2012 — BarryK
I have a lot of pm's waiting for me at the Puppy Forum. Then there are many pages of posts in the Wary/Racy 5.3 thread that I have not read.

Then there's Precise Puppy, that I started, see this blog and Forum thread:

Forum member pemasu has taken an interest in this and has applied fixes and upgrades and started a new thread:

I have got my nose down working on getting Puppy running on the Mele A1000. Getting up to speed on a completely difference non-PC architecture is taking awhile, plus there is a lot that has to be compiled. Right now I am experimenting with compiling the 2.6.36 kernel, such that it will be Puppy-compatible.

I can see this ARM stuff keeping me busy for a long time. I have not yet decided to aim for getting a Upup running on the Mele, or compile everything in T2.

There is quite a bit of interest in the x86 Precise Puppy, and pemasu is doing some good work with it. So, do you think that we should ask him to take it on as an "official" Puppy?

I might be building a ARM port of Precise Puppy, so will provide some upgrades in Woof that will also apply to the x86 build. So, the condition would have to be that pemasu stays synced with the latest Woof.

I haven't even asked him yet, he might not want to do it!

I notice that pemasu is having trouble with printing (not working). Yeah, it may be necessary to roll cups, gutenprint, ghostscript and foomatic-filters back to the PETs used in Wary/Racy.

Your thoughts on this are welcome...


easy shortcut route?
Username: aarf
there is a debian zip at should have screen drivers so only minor mods for it to work in mele or novo7? it is only 440MB. with a torrent too. can you confirm if saluki is going to be released as official puppy or not? if it is i'd call it saluki 1 not puppy 6. too different.

Username: lobster
"pemasu has already created superb puplets based on Lucid An official Puppy . . . hope he says yes :happy:

Username: maxerro
"I've just seen pemasu has uploaded a new version of Upup Precise, so MAYBE this is still relevant, like it has been just yesterday. There still seems to be some library-backfiring in the crypto/ssl area, and before pemasu goes on, this needs to clear up: backup /lib/ to whatever (for now) link /lib/ to /lib/ add libevent-openssl-2.0-5_2.0.16 link: /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ to the new /usr/lib/ instead of 5.1.3 Test again, cry for help. Although, by the final release the whole ssl-pack will need to be replaced.

Username: Raffy
"Yes, Barry, it is good that you asked, as Pemasu has been doing great updating squeeze. He has shown his skills.

" Precise" ly
Username: GCMartin
"I understand this request, Barry. @Pemasu has done quite a lot for the community, especially his great efforts over the past year. Should he choose so, it would be great for the oeverall community as he carries on the work you began for us. In an effort to distinguish Ubuntu's project and the Puppy efforts, should we call this [b]"[u]Precisely Puppy[/u]"[/b] Barry, Would this name change be met with your approval? Hope this helps

libssl 0.9.8w update
Username: maxerro
"libssl 0.9.8w is recommended for programs/libs that still depend on it Note to devs: Try to compile apps using only 1.x.x deps (if possible). Provide 0.9.8 (if needed) always as a full library (do not symlink). Symlinking for versions after 1.0.0 is possible as long as the middle number stays the same (e.g. 1.0.9 -> 1.0.10), but do NOT symlink to higher middle nums (e.g. DON'T DO 1.0.9 -> 1.1.0)

Pemasu and Precise Puppy
Username: BarryK
"Just to let everyone know, I asked pemasu if he would be interested in coordinating an "official" Precise Puppy. Pemasu is pleased that we have such faith in him. However, he is not sure if he can give it the time needed, as he has a full-time job and a family. I will let the matter be for now. I am putting in fixes, thanks for all the feedback on 'alpha2'. Also thanks to pemasu for many fixes. I intend to release 'alpha3' soon.

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