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Booting from mmc (SD) card

April 09, 2012 — BarryK
There is some discussion about this on the Forum. I posted recently about recognising an mmc card at bootup:

...Wary and Racy 5.3 have that fix.

There is something important that testers must understand here. My latest laptop has an SD card slot, but internally it is recognised as a USB device. Similarly, many people plug an SD card into an external USB card-reader adapter. These are no problem in Puppy, as the SD card behaves just like any other USB Flash drive.

However, many laptops (including my own older Acer laptop) have internal card readers that have their own special interface hardware. The most common type are what we call the "mmc" card readers. The kernel loads special device drivers for this. These are the type that we are having issues with at bootup.

Forum member riccardo started a Forum thread about the problem of booting from an SD card, using Wary 5.3:

...I have posted some tests to that thread. If anyone else has the same problem, you are welcome to try these tests.

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