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Mele A1000 running Ubuntu video

April 18, 2012 — BarryK
Tom has made a video of a Mele A1000 running Ubuntu:

There is not yet any GPU video acceleration. The page that explains how to install Ubuntu is here, but is out-of-date and Tom will be updating it soon:

Here is my blog post that introduces the Mele A1000:

Sunlike UMPC-1021
A netbook will soon be available with the Allwinner A10 chip:

It is not yet in mass production, the developers are still debugging the camera.

Apparently it will also be available with a 4000mAH battery which will power the netbook for 10 hours.

Here is a video of the Sunlike UMPC-1021. Note that "Boxchip A10" is the same as the Allwinner A10:


Username: Steev
I have just done the same on my Allwinner A10 tablet (Novo 7 Elf) This is really cool, like a little PC.

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