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On holiday

April 11, 2012 — BarryK
As from today, I will be on holiday for seven days.

Just to let everyone know that I won't be very responsive to any questions or reports.

I might keep looking into the USB uevent detection stuff in the initramfs, but won't have time for much else.


Have a nice vacation...

have a nice holiday
Username: flyingtiger
"maybe another trip to the mountains, eh? Been on holiday here of sorts since early 1993. Have many irons in many fires post retirement. You the same as per your blog. Later.

Boot Splash
Username: Iguleder1
"Barry, I developed a simple ncurses-based splash screen for my distro, called "ncsplash" ([url=]here[/url]). It's text-based, so it should work even without any form of graphics acceleration, even without a framebuffer console. It's a very simple tool - it reads a FIFO using asynchronous I/O (so it's pretty efficient) and prints all incoming data nicely. The sources also include an example script which mimics a boot splash. I think it could be nice to have a splash screen in Puppy's boot sequence.

Holiday over
Username: BarryK
"Back home! I was in Melbourne, visiting my daughter. As usual, greatly enjoyed it. Melbourne, as always, I enjoy visiting. My two Mele A1000 Internet set top boxes have arrived. Can't use them yet, as I need to acquire an adaptor for an Aussie power socket -- I do have one packed away in a box somewhere, can't find it, so will buy one tomorrow.

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