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Configuration, 1st boot full-hd installation

May 05, 2012 — BarryK
Well, "full-SD" installation really. When doing a cross-build in Woof, running on a x86 machine for an ARM target, and creating an SD-card image which is effectively a "full installation" of Puppy, certain things were not setup properly.

When you use the Universal Installer to do a full installation to hard drive, a chroot to run rc.update is done, which performs required pre-configurations.
But that is not happening in the case of building the SD image in Woof, as a chroot cannot be done from a x86 host to a ARM target filesystem.

So, I have modified /etc/rc.d/rc.update to perform these missing configurations at the first boot.

In my earlier announcement of Puppy Linux running on the Mele A1000, I mentioned that the JWM tray was missing -- this is one of those missing pre-configurations, the file /root/.jwmrc was not created.
That problem should now be fixed.

Woof commit:

We are still not there though, with Woof. To build an SD image that will bootup on the Mele A1000 (or other ARM system), I have to enhance '3builddistro' -- will do that soon.


SD card boot to HD

Boot SD to HD
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"Ted Dog, In theory, yes. In practice, not so easy. I haven't even got my SATA interface to work yet, on the Mele. And, it is a SATA interface, so IDE laptop drives won't work.

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