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gtkdialog: widget ordering wrong

May 03, 2012 — BarryK
This is a new one. I am using gtkdialog 0.8.0. Here is the SNS (Simple Network Setup) main window on my laptop:

With Puppy running on the Mele A1000 ARM-based system, GTK 2.20.0, running SNS:

The content is slightly different, as these snapshots are taken on different machines. But see how the rendering order of the widgets is reversed.

So, what causes this? Other applications are displaying ok on the Mele. Is there some GTK setting that needs changing, or a problem in gtkdialog?
I will contact thunor, the current maintainer of gtkdialog, perhaps he will know what the cause of the problem is.


Username: Dougal
Hehe. I see your daughter has been playing with your router... Anyway, maybe the reversal is the result of different endianness? There was some discussion on LWN recently about how wrong it is when developers try to handle it manually (and get it wrong): (the first quote and the comments)

Broken gtkdialog on ARM
Username: BarryK
"This is still a showstopper on ARM CPUs. I joined the main gtk-devel mail-list and asked about it, but they don't know. I sent an email to 'thunor', the current maintainer of gtkdialog, but no response (thunor has announced on the gtkdialog project page that development is now on hold). No other apps exhibit this problem, so there is probably something in the gtkdialog source that causes this problem. My thinking is that there might be two different causes: 1. Widgets getting packed in reverse order, or 2. Window coordinates assume origin is at opposite corner to what it actually is. Anyone interested in investigating this? Regarding endianness, it is little-endian, same as x86.

does this help?
Username: badger47
"i am just a mug but i had wifi probs ... i was connected but browsers refused to work properly and i found a reboot after the commands by IEF and the following post by miniand worked ... apologies if this is a waste of time

gtkdialog fixed
Username: BarryK
"UPDATE: fixed

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