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Linux kernel 3.2.17

May 15, 2012 — BarryK
I have compiled the Linux kernel 3.2.17. I used 3.2.13 in the alpha2 build of Precise Puppy. Pemasu sent me some recommendations for the pre-compile configuration, which I have incorporated into the 3.2.17 compile.

Note, 3.2.17 is using Aufs, whereas 3.2.13 used Unionfs.

The PETs (23.4MB, 832KB):

The build scripts and sources, including kernel SFS file, are here:

I put the PET into the 'common' repo, for convenience of all builds to use it. I intend to use it for the alpha3 build of Precise Puppy (Upup), but note that it was compiled in Wary so if any extra modules are compiled using the kernel source SFS, it should be done in Wary.


kernel locations

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