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More packages compiled for armv7

May 01, 2012 — BarryK
This is a continuation of my previous post:

I have added more PETs:

These are the extra packages:


Some sources have been added to my sources repo.

I have made some notes on how to compile, see comments below.


Username: BarryK
I decided to fix the locale support. [code] have found patch file from ubuntu. gwhere 0.2.3-patched_3 ...configure complains 'debian/' missing, so i created it, with just this in it: all: install: clean: distclean: ...configure succeeded. # make ...error, still get a locale error., what library has 'setlocale' function? ...aaargh! ubuntu missing pkg libltdl-dev, ok install that... # make distclean # ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --enable-gtk20 # make ...same locale error ok, i have figured it out, need this in src/main.c: #include <locale.h> # make ...success. it is a mystery how the debian/ubuntu people managed to compile this! anyway, i have created a src pkg 'gwhere 0.2.3-patched_4.tar.gz' with my fixes. [/code]

Username: BarryK
"I decided that the new pup needs a couple of games! Finding the source for Picpuz (jigsaw puzzle), oh what a merry chase! The author only has version 2.5 on his site, which requires gtk3, and has removed all older versions. Everywhere I looked, linked back to non-existent older versions on the author's site. The last version to support gtk 2.x is version 2.4. Surely someone somewhere has uploaded it? Yes, eventually I found it, and it is now in my sources repo.

Username: BarryK
"This one is interesting. The author originally wrote this in Python, then he went over to C. He was criticized, and after awhile went back to Python. I could only find the Python version on his site. However, I found the source packages for versions 0.89 and 0.95.1, both written in C. I chose to compile the earlier one, as that is what we have used in our x86 puppies. Once again, these are now in my sources repo.

Username: BarryK
"I wanted to include this, as it is used by Sylpheed, and there are no official Debian/Ubuntu debs. However, was unable to compile it, gave it a miss. An extra note about Picpuz. Perhaps one reason that it was hard to find the source anywhere is that it is under the Creative Commons License, so many distros don't want to know about it.

Re: Armv6 compiler wanter
Username: Steev
"Barry I have an Allwinner A10 device like yours. According to your earlier blog post I can compile Armv6 binaries with "-mcpu=arm1176jzf-s", correct? I will compile as many as I can tonight.

Armv6 compiler
Username: Steev
"Oh, I just read the comments in your earlier post and saw that you had problems compiling Armv6 binaries with the Lucid image for the A10. Still, I guess I will upload what I have compiled so far to see if it works.

Armv6 binaries
Username: Steev
"Here's what I have compiled so far installwatch cups ghostscript foomatic-Filters netpbm svgalib-dummy (was needed to compile netpbm) These are just the binaries, I did not package them into .pets yet. Maybe a R-Pi owner can check if they run.

Re arm1176jzf-z compile
Username: BarryK
"steev, I got discouraged because I did one, ROX-Filer, but Lobster reported it gave a segmentation fault on his RasPi. So we need someone with that kind of armv6-class CPU to test them, before doing too many.

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