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PPLOG 1.1.3

May 13, 2012 — BarryK
L18L has enabled non-English text in PPLOG, Puppy's personal blog:

Iwill provided a patch to fix the problem of "day 31":

Over the years, we have made little improvements to PPLOG, whereas the official project has remained effectively dead. The author 'fedekun' has moved the official project to here:

Interesting, 'sc0ttman', who is one of our Puppy fans, has enhance PPLOG and named it SJPPLOG:

...I will need to check that one out!

For now though, the two fixes by L18L and Iwill are applied and the version number bumped to 1.1.3:


Username: L18L
I did not care about RSS Feeds. But they work with UTF-8 now, see please. The link is 404 - Not Found

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