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PPM: Application icons

May 30, 2012 — BarryK
I discussed the possibility recently of displaying an icon alongside every package entry in the Puppy Package Manager, and zigbert advised how that can be done with gtkdialog.

So, I have implemented it, for both the Classic and Ziggy user interfaces in PPM. It is optional, set by a checkbox in the Configure panel.

There is a rather heavy price to pay for this bit of extra glamour in the PPM. I created a PET with a large collection of 16x16 xpm application icons. Actually, there are "only" 532 icons, but 3788 symlinks. The PET is 211KB.

It does need some work though, as some of the symlinks are ridiculous. I used a script to create them. It now needs a lot of manual tweaking. Maybe even a 24x24 set would be nice?

PET (211KB):

Woof commits:

I will put this into the next release of Precise Puppy.


Username: bigpup
There has been a discussion on how to use Pudd. The talk has been when is something required to be mounted or unmounted. B. K. Johnson made a chart to describe requirements. This would be a very useful thing to add to Pudd help.

Username: smokey01
"Barry can we have a screeny of the PPM Ta

PPM screenshot
Username: BarryK
"See here for screenshot:

PPM project proposal
Username: BarryK
"Oh yes, that link has a proposal for a graphics artist/collector/dabbler:

xpm patch for mtpaint
Username: technosaurus
" Xpm specific patch for mtpaint - allows saving with 92 characters vs 64... May help to reduce the size of some images or allow higher quality without a doubling of size.

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